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How Our Training Works

The personal attention you receive from our trainers is focused on YOUR fitness goals. We help teach you how to train and eat properly.

The result is that you gain control over your health, body and mind making you ready to take on every day with confidence!

We help you to be where you need to be to live a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Our Studio

Our customers say "Twyfit is the gym for people who do not like to go to the gym" because of our warm, comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Yet we still have all the equipment and tools to give you the workout you need!

Girls that Curl

Want to achieve your fitness goals along with team accountability? Join Girls that Curl!

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We Are Ready To Help You Get to Perfect Fitness!

You want to achieve your fitness goals for your own reasons and we will help you every step of the way without putting our goals first!

I walked into Twyfit nervous....totally focused on weight.

Michael Twydell and his team at Twyfit are amazing!

I no longer focus on my weight. I'm happier, healthier and stronger. I have more confidence and criticize myself a lot less. Girls That Curl is an amazing group of women that come together and support each other.

There is a family like feeling when you in his gym. There is no intimidation factor here. It is one of the best decisions I have made for myself!


Twyfit is the best! I have never felt more welcome and comfortable in a gym. Both Ally and Mike are amazing trainers and I can't recommend the Girls and Curl Program enough! I really wish I would have started sooner!


Really happy with my training sessions with Mike! He has a great comprehensive approach to fitness that encompasses strength training, nutrition expertise, and invaluable workout planning.

He is really great about taking feedback, structuring, and individualizing sessions to make each workout intense and effective. I've really benefited from his expertise and knowledge. The equipment is well maintained and everyone I've met have been super friendly and welcoming, highly recommended!!


Love your body,

Change your life!

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